Superior Advantages


Superior Range

Insulated metal roofing panels available in three attractive designs:  Double Corropanel, Corropanel, Monopanel and Trimpanel.  Double Corropanel can be supplied in straight, curved or multi-curved configurations.

Superior Colour Range

Available in the full Colorbond® roofing colour range including Colorbond®XRW, Ultra and Metallic steel.

Superior Coverage

Easily handled insulated panels provide up to 762mm wide coverage for fast, simple and convenient installation.

Superior Design

Superior Panels eliminate the need for rafters and battens and are easily cut to suit curved or irregularly shaped floor plans. One piece EPS SL grade foam core incorporates natural pyrethroid for added vermin protection, while closed cell infill strips ensure a better seal against moisture ingress.

Superior Strength

Superiors composite panels are suitable for cyclonic wind conditions. Our high-tech adhesive system combines years of proven product bonding experience with the latest in polyurethane technology.Superior bonding qualities allow the adhesive to flex in harmony with the steel’s expansion and contraction during constantly changing environmental conditions.


Superior Convenience

Superior Panels are virtually maintenance-free, requiring little more than occasional washing of soffits to maintain their lustre

Superior Insulation Performance

Can achieve thermal ratings in excess of R5

Superior Quality

Our panels are fully compliant with Australian Building Regulations and Standards. All steel is manufactured in Australia by Blue Scope Steel Limited, Australia’s largest roofing steel manufacturer. 0.42mm hi-tensile steel top skins and 0.6mm re-  Colorbond®undersurface for superior finish and flatness.