Coolaspan insulated roofing, manufactured and supplied by Superior Panel Construction


mushroom-farm featuring a Coolaspan Roof

has been critical to the success of one of the world’s largest and most technologically advanced commercial mushroom growing facilities, The Yatala Mushroom Farm nearing completion at Yatala in S.E. Queensland.


Covering over two hectares, the farm’s three fully insulated buildings are carefully temperature and light controlled to provide the optimum growing conditions for a range of popular mushroom varieties.


For mushrooms to be successfully grown on a commercial basis the internal temperature within the growing rooms must be maintained at an even 18 degrees C. throughout the year. In an area where ambient temperatures can vary between zero in winter and 40 degrees C. in summer, Coolaspan roofing’s inherent insulative properties will not only minimise air-conditioning and production costs, but will also assist in providing the best possible growing conditions to ensure a premium quality product is supplied to market.


The 11,000 square metre insulated roof incorporated 100mm Coolaspan panels in the buildings’ overall design. The insulated panels’ light weight and ease of installation reduced construction time and cost. A further advantage for such a large expanse of roof area is that it is cyclone rated and is able to achieve large spans, reducing the cost of the expensive steel framing required in standard roofing. With the project being located just 5 minutes from Superior’s Stapylton factory, material delivery costs and times were also minimised.


Marland Mushrooms commenced its growing plan in early January. Full production capacity will be reached mid-year. The farm’s premium quality products will be distributed nationally through the Brisbane fresh fruit and vegetable markets, conveniently located approximately 30 minutes away by road transport.


Superior Panel Construction is proud to have been selected to supply its insulated roofing panels for such a significant project.


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