Environmental-house-Towoomba-webA new home incorporating a revolutionary new building system developed by Superior Panel Construction, has just been completed on a rural property at Pittsworth, west of Toowoomba.


Completed by a local builder, the 3-bedroom home is the first home built using the newly developed system.


It sits on the crown of a hill in an attractive rural area and enjoys superb views in all directions. However, as the home faces due west, it is also very exposed to freezing cold westerly winds in winter and blazing hot summer conditions.

Superior’s Managing Director, Nick Violet says the innovative building system significantly reduces construction time and material costs and will greatly reduce heating and cooling costs in the area’s extreme climatic conditions.

“The freestanding MgO insulated wall panels largely eliminate the need for steel or timber frames, so these significant cost components are essentially eliminated. The laminated wall panels are suitable for both internal and external walls. They combine a high impact/high strength external wall surface ready for paining or rendering with effective wall insulation. The insulated internal walls eliminate the need for plaster sheeting and incorporate high quality surfaces ready for painting,” he said.

“The insulated roof system is also quickly erected. It is extremely strong, eliminates the need for roof frames and rafters and its clean Colorbond steel flat undersurface also eliminates the need for separate plaster ceilings.”

Mr Violet says the construction system also lends itself to owner-builder applications as the laminated panels are easily handled and assembled.

In addition to their effective insulation properties, the panels improve sound insulation between rooms and from outdoor sources. They will not rot or decay and are not susceptible to termite attack. As they do not alter their structural integrity under extremes of moisture or temperature, they are ideal for use in tropical climates.

Both the wall and roof panels have been structurally tested and approved for use in cyclone affected areas.

Home owner, Ron Chatterton said the benefits of the insulated panels were obvious as soon as he moved into his new home. Along with the very comfortable living environment, he anticipates the on-going savings in heating and air-conditioning costs will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Superior Panels has been manufacturing and supplying a wide range of high quality insulated wall and roofing panels throughout Australia for over 5 years.

June 2013


Superior Panel Construction will release a completely new MGO insulated wall system at the 2013 Courier Mail Home Show.

Managing Director, Nick Violet says the innovative system will significantly reduce housing construction costs. “It reduces the amount of timber or steel framing normally found in a traditionally framed home while considerably reducing construction time,” he said. “It combines a high impact/high strength external wall surface ready for paining or plastering with effective wall insulation and a quality internal surface ready for painting”.

A new MGO flooring system will also be displayed. The fibreglass reinforced cement-based flooring sheets suit both interior and exterior uses and provide a suitable substrate for finishes such as vinyl, ceramic tiles, carpet and timber. The sheets can also be stained or clear sealed as an attractive, low-cost alternative finish.

MGO flooring can be cut and worked like fibre cement sheets, but offers improved structural performance and finish quality. It can span up to 600mm centres, will not rot or decay and is not susceptible to termite attack.

These new MGO systems will not alter their structural integrity under extremes of moisture or temperature, making them ideal for use in tropical climates. They also offer enhanced impact sound damping when used alone, or as a substrate for other surfaces like tile or timber. Hence, the flooring system is ideal for first floor applications.


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